I work on side-projects in different frameworks and programming languages whenever I find the time.
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My personal portfolio website where I host my projects and photos

Made with node, koa, konstructor, and materialize.

A website to get the current bitcoin price, with some extra tools.

Made with node, konstructor, axios, and materialize.

A framework (and CLI) written on top of koa to build websites quickly.

Made with koa, yargs, webpack, and laravel-mix.

A fork of `jprichardson/reload` with support for Koa for konstructor.

Made with koa, reload, nodejs, and npm.

A very basic CLI to compile and run java programs for my CS class.

Made with rust, cargo, clap-rs, and colored.

A webiste to diff the JSON response between two urls or JSON.

Made with node, konstructor, vue, and materialize.

A CLI program to diff API responses. Used by a large ecommerce website.

Made with node, yargs, deep-object-diff, and axios.

A website to track users and bets made on

Made with node, konstructor, vue, and materialize.